Frequently Asked Questions about our Elizabethtown Criminal Defense Law Firm

Answers from Elizabethtown adult and juvenile crime defense attorneys

Aldridge & Aldridge, PSC commonly hears questions about criminal law and the criminal justice system. We’d like to help by answering some of those questions here. If you have more specific questions about your particular case, please call our office at 270.765.2000 to arrange a free confidential consultation to discuss how we may be able to help.

What is a plea deal?

A very large portion of criminal cases in Kentucky are settled through a plea deal rather than through a jury trial. Prosecutors in the State’s Attorney’s Office are generally willing to accept plea deals because it saves the State the expenses involved in litigating a case. The value of our skilled Elizabethtown criminal lawyers is that we have experience negotiating with prosecutors throughout Kentucky, and we how to get the best deal you can get. If you face multiple charges, then we may be able to get the prosecutor to drop some of the charges. Or if it is only one violation you are charged with, then we may be able to help you plead to a lesser offense having less severe consequences.

If I’m innocent, do I still need a lawyer?

Yes. Criminal convictions have serious consequences. If found guilty, you could pay a severe fine and potentially spend time in prison or jail. It is a risk you should not take. Our criminal defense attorneys can explore your case to provide a defense that may defeat the charges.

What kind of drug offenses does Aldridge & Aldridge, PSC handle?

Our Elizabethtown drug defense attorneys handle charges of production, cultivation, distribution, possession and consumption of all types of illegal drugs and controlled substances.

What particular controlled substances does your law firm have experience with?

Meth is relatively prevalent in Kentucky and hence we have much experience defending against charges of methamphetamine production and possession. We also frequently handle cultivation of marijuana and possession of cannabis. We also provide strong and effective defense against charges related to cocaine, heroin, opiates, LSD, ecstasy, steroids, and other controlled substances.

How do I retain the services of your criminal defense law firm?

Call our office at 270-765-2000, or contact us online by clicking here. You can arrange an appointment to meet with us to discuss how we may be able to help. After you tell us about your case, we will explain your legal options and what we can do. The initial consultation is free and confidential, even if you decide not to retain us.