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Kentucky Attorneys in Elizabethtown seek wrongful death damages and loss of consortium

Kentucky tort law provides remedies to the survivors of family members and loved ones after an accidental death. Typically these are situations where one person’s actions, though not intentional, inadvertently harmed an innocent victim.

Fatal car crashes are a common example. Other examples include consuming tainted food or medicine and being mortally wounded at an industrial work site. A lawsuit for negligence can even arise when the alleged harm took place over a period of many years, such as when asbestos exposure causes the onset of mesothelioma cancer.

When a person is killed through another person’s fault, Kentucky tort law allows a close family member or loved one to bring a law suit to obtain financial compensation for their loss. The first part of a case involves proving that the other person was responsible for the action that killed the family’s loved one. For example, the case may require our Elizabethtown car wreck lawyers to prove that a party was responsible for causing a fatal auto accident. Proving responsibility for the wrongful death entitles the family to collect financial damages which reflect the value of their loss.

Our personal injury attorneys in Elizabethtown represent victims’ families in wrongful death cases

It is very important to obtain knowledgeable legal representation if you are a family member seeking compensation for your loss of a loved one. Our Elizabethtown wrongful death attorneys understand how to perform the sensitive and complicated task of assigning a financial value to the loss of a loved one. This financial value can be affected by the person’s

  • Age
  • Life expectancy
  • Career
  • Earnings potential
  • Spousal relationship
  • Family relationships

Some cases can be complicated if they involve a fatal car accident caused by an uninsured motorist, but do not be discouraged. Our Elizabethtown uninsured motorist lawyers can help. If you have a wrongful death case, Aldridge & Aldridge can argue for and negotiate the value of the loss.

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