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3-vehicle crash shuts down I-75 for 90 minutes

Lexington Police reported that a multiple vehicle collision that occurred earlier this week in the southbound lanes of Interstate 75 turned the expanse of highway into essentially a parking lot for about 90 minutes.

The accident on Tuesday, May 23 involved three vehicles in Fayette County, close to Mile Marker 107. Preliminary reports from investigating officers indicate that the accident was caused by a tractor-trailer smashing into a pickup truck. The impact caused the pickup truck to strike a car.

Stay safe on the highways this Memorial Day weekend

With Mother's Day 2017 over, family plans have shifted now to the upcoming Memorial Day long weekend. Traditionally viewed as the kick-off to summer, it's often when millions of families take to the highways for weekend getaways.

The American Red Cross offers safety steps for those traveling this year so that nothing occurs to mar the occasion.

3 die in wreck with semi on Bluegrass Parkway

Tragedy struck three in one family in the central region of the Bluegrass State on Thursday, May 11. An accident between a semitruck and a passenger vehicle claimed the lives of the car's driver and two passengers and injured another passenger.

According to a Kentucky Transportation Cabinet spokesman, at approximately 11:30 a.m., for reasons as yet undetermined, the eastbound semi driver crossed over the median and into the path of the westbound car in Bardstown in Nelson County.

Is a personal injury attorney important after a car crash?

In the aftermath of a car accident, there are many things to worry about and actions to take, at a time when you are probably shaken up and not thinking very clearly. The first thing to do is check to yourself and others for injuries, and the first calls you make should likely to be to 911 and then to the police.

You and the other driver should exchange insurance information, and your insurance company will want you to notify them of the accident -- but wait. Should that be your next call, or should you phone an attorney first?

How is child custody determined after a divorce in Kentucky?

Kentucky parents who are divorcing have a right to devise their own visitation and custody schedules if they choose and are able to reach accord.

The problem is that if you and your children's other parent were of one mind on important issues, you might not be headed for divorce.

Kentucky drivers, what do you know about big trucks?

You see them every day on Kentucky streets and highways. When a big truck appears in a driver's rear-view mirror, bearing down on them at what seems like an alarming rate of speed, it can be a terrifying experience.

Motorists' thoughts may start racing, as they worriedly wonder if the trucker can see their much smaller passenger vehicles or be able to stop the big rigs in time to avoid a crushing pile-up from occurring.

Tips for a safer prom season

In and around Elizabethtown, teens are eagerly making plans for that time-honored teenage ritual — prom.

While many adults look fondly back on the memories from their own high school proms, prom season can be a dangerous time for teens.

My deployment is coming to an end and so is my marriage

Welcome home, soldier. Your year-long deployment to the Middle East is over. You can't wait to go on leave with your spouse and spend some of the money you saved while overseas on that Mustang you've always wanted. Even better, your NCOIC has promised that you're due to see a promotion soon. It's all hooah, right?

When you graduated from AIT, you went back home to marry your high school sweetheart. She joined you at your first duty station, and you enjoyed life together in on-post housing, sharing all the benefits the Army has to offer. But, a sooner-than-expected deployment threatened to separate you as newlyweds.

1 trucker's removal from the road too late for 6 victims

Kentucky drivers, take heart. Federal officials have removed a commercial truck driver from the road. This after he allegedly caused a string of accidents that left six people injured. It is unclear at the time this is written whether any of the victims in this case are seeking to recover for injuries and damages suffered. They should know, however, that they have a right to.

The accidents in question occurred several weeks ago along Interstate 24. According to reports, a waste removal truck with a Kentucky-licensed commercial driver at the wheel crossed the median of the freeway and continued to drive erratically into oncoming traffic. He reportedly struck at least two vehicles, and several collisions followed. Police used spike strips in their efforts to bring the truck to a stop.

How well do you know terms concerning child custody?

No two Kentucky divorces are alike. The relationships that create families are as varied as the individuals involved. If a couple splits and no children are affected, resolving issues associated with property division and possible spousal support could be rather easy. Where children are involved, matters are more complicated. Where will the children live? Who will make major life decisions for the child? How much time will the child spend with each parent? Will grandparents play any role?

Every member of a family has certain rights and those experienced in protecting those rights know that any one of the questions posed above can lead to disputes. Finding the answers that work best for all takes concerted effort. Typically, the best way to start is to be sure everyone is on the same page understanding the differences in various terms related to child custody.

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