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Drive safely during rain and gusting winds

With memories of hurricanes Harvey and Irma still fresh in the minds of drivers, it's a good time to review how to drive in a safer manner when the weather turns windy and rainy.

While the safest course of action in inclement weather is to stay off of the roads until the storm passes, that's not always possible in every circumstance. Following the below tips may keep you and your family safer the next time storm clouds gather.

  • Slow your speed. When the rain starts, the moisture creates a slick sheen on the highway that reduces traction of automobile tires. Slowing down can reduce the risk of accidents.
  • Turn on your headlights. This lets other automobiles see you and can also keep you from getting a ticket.
  • Pay attention to the road. Eliminate distractions by turning off the radio and silencing conversation inside the car. Remember not to use your phone unless it is under emergency conditions.
  • Give other cars additional space. Allow two more seconds of time to elapse between you and the car ahead of you, as that provides you with more reaction time.
  • Never drive through standing water. This is one of the primary ways that motorists wind up drowning. Turn around and drive to safety instead.
  • Anticipate wind gusts. Be especially mindful of gusts near tunnels, overpasses, tunnels and cuts through mountain regions.
  • Grip the steering wheel tightly. Make sure both hands stay on the wheel in windy weather.
  • Be aware of large vehicles. Semitrucks and recreational vehicles are especially susceptible to being buffeted by winds. This makes it harder for truckers to stay in their lanes.

Injuries from a motorcycle crash are important, too

As a motorcycle rider, you have rights just like anyone else who drives on our roads and highways. You are entitled to compensation if you become injured in an accident, but the insurance company to which you submit a claim may not see things that way.

The injuries you sustain from a car-motorcycle crash may be significant, even life-changing. They are certainly as important as any suffered by the driver of the vehicle that hit you. This is a good time to reach out to an advocate who will stand up for your rights and deal effectively with the powerful legal teams retained by big insurance companies.

Don't get convicted by faulty evidence

On the eve of his execution, a death row inmate in another state got a reprieve at the last minute to allow a new inquiry panel to review evidence his defense attorney claims will exonerate him.

While that in and of itself is not particularly rare — condemned prisoners have a long history of receiving stays of execution as the clock runs down — the other point it illustrates is quite worrisome: DNA evidence is not incontrovertible.

How much do you really know about 18-wheelers?

If you were injured in an accident involving an 18-wheeler, you quite literally might not know what hit you. As you endure the healing and rehabilitative process, learning about these big rig behemoths may help to put your 18-wheeler accident in the proper perspective.

How much does an 18-wheeler weigh?

Millennials embracing concept of prenups

There are many differences between millennials and their baby boomer parents, but perhaps one of the most surprising is the way that millennials have become enamored of prenuptial agreements.

These documents have long been viewed as the red-headed stepchildren of family law practices because couples contemplating marriage perceived them to be unromantic and pessimistic harbingers of future failed marriages. But family law practitioners have seen a resurgence in their popularity among this demographic group.

Rear-seat passengers should buckle up, too

How many times have you climbed into the backseat of a friend's car or rideshare and never buckled up for the drive? Plenty of Kentucky residents — as well as those in other states — have done so multiple times.

However, doing so puts you at risk of becoming a missile if the driver is involved in a wreck. What's more, unbuckled backseat passengers pose risk of injury or death to those riding up front.

Does driving with children in the vehicle compromise safety?

When you consider all of the driving behaviors that comprise the category of "distracted driving," what do you think of?

Texting, talking on cellphones, fiddling with the sound system, applying make-up or even grabbing a quick bite or sipping on a mug of coffee may all come to mind. But few drivers are likely to list having children as passengers.

Does your teen really understand the texting-driving risk?

Driver distraction is responsible for many fatalities on our highways. Distraction might involve picking up something that fell on the floor of your vehicle, fiddling with the radio or reaching into the back seat to calm a fretful child. However, at the top of the list, which includes anything that takes the driver’s eyes off the road, is the activity of texting.

As a parent, you may feel confident that your child knows texting is risky, but does your teenager really understand why it is so dangerous?

Watch out for fake expenses during divorce

Your spouse owns a business. You're going to get divorced, and so you're trying to get a sense of what he or she holds in assets, in order to get your fair share.

While it's illegal to hide assets, people do sometime come up with very creative ways to try to stash them away. Since your spouse is a business owner, one thing you want to watch out for is the sudden rise of fake expenses that are designed to drain him or her of assets right before the split.

Kentucky courts issue orders of protection

If you are going through a divorce in Kentucky and your former spouse is abusive to you or threatens to do you or your children harm, you have legal options available.

One way to protect yourself and the kids is to ask your family law attorney to petition the court for an order of protection against your ex. Sometimes referred to as restraining orders, these legal documents become court orders when signed by a judge.

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