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Woman indicted almost a year after fatal accident

Sometimes after an accident in which someone was seriously injured or even killed, it can appear as if justice has not been served. But while the wheels of justice may appear to move very slowly, it can be because investigators are assembling an air-tight case against the alleged offender.

Such may be the case in Fayette County, where just this month, the grand jury indicted a driver on a second-degree charge of felony manslaughter almost one year after a fatal accident. She also was indicted for no operator's license and driving while under the influence of a drug. If convicted of the felony, she could face between five and 10 years behind bars.

What constitutes shoplifting in Kentucky?

If you are considering going out to do your Christmas shoplifting before the crowds get even thicker, you should understand the risks that you face if you are caught engaging in this criminal activity.

Here are some of the things to consider:

Has a rear-end collision put your promotion in jeopardy?

Let us say you have been employed by a top manufacturer in Hardin County for the past several years and are in line for a promotion. Recently, however, you became the victim of a rear-end collision and sustained extensive injuries.

You are facing weeks of physical therapy and your chance for a better position may be slipping away. The future looks grim, but can you turn the situation around?

How to avoid drunk driving charges during the holidays

A little eggnog here and a bit of Bailey's Irish Creme there -- and the next thing you know, you're tipsy. This can happen even though you hadn't planned on drinking anything at all when you started out for a holiday party.

What do you do next?

Merchants crack down on holiday shoplifters

Whether it's a teenage girl nicking a trendy new hair accessory or organized retail criminals (ORC) conspiring to lift high-dollar electronics, shoplifting affects us all in the form of higher prices on consumer goods.

It also cuts into the profits of retail merchants, which is why companies prioritize deterrence and apprehension when developing theft protocols. As we kick off the holiday season for 2017, let's review the basics of the five-finger-discount. It turns out that it has long-reaching repercussions on the futures of those who get apprehended.

Tesla's Elon Musk reveals 'The Beast'

This week, the chief executive officer (CEO) for Tesla, Elon Musk, revealed the company's latest product known as "The Beast." The futuristic yet powerful semitruck is an electric model.

From a traditional standpoint, electric big rigs make little sense. When you consider the design of most 18-wheelers, the emphasis is on the large cargo areas built to contain the goods and raw materials. But electric vehicles require a good bit of space for large-capacity batteries to power them on their trips.

Can you keep it civil with your ex for the kids' Christmas?

As we approach the holiday season in 2017, it's especially important for divorced parents to ensure that their children's holiday memories aren't marred by in-fighting between mom and dad.

Parents have a duty to their children to remain as civil as possible with their exes so the holidays don't devolve into a shouting match interspersed with the kids' cries. Below are some tips for keeping it civil, if not exactly jolly.

  • Retain a few of the family traditions. You may need to refine or even eliminate some two-parent holiday traditions, but strive to keep as many of the kids' favorite holiday activities intact.
  • Don't rush to include a new love interest in the holiday festivities. While the kids will need to learn to accept a parent's new partner once the relationship gets serious, introducing him or her at the holiday supper or when the kids are opening their gifts is a buzz-kill that can be easily avoided.
  • Don't have the kids spending the big day in the car. If your child is in transit from dad's house to mom's on the holiday, that's what they will remember — being shuttled like another holiday package from point A to point B. Get the travel arrangements settled the day before or sooner to allow the kids to have their holiday fun.

Avoid the 3 most common causes of car-motorcycle crashes

If you own a motorcycle, you probably ride it year-round, even on the coldest days here in Kentucky. You are no doubt aware of your vulnerability as a motorcyclist, and take safety seriously.

Motorists often experience a momentary lapse in attention, but that could prove fatal for a motorcyclist. Here are three of the most common causes of car-motorcycle accidents that you should anticipate and hopefully avoid:

Truck drivers must use great caution on the roads

America runs on long-haul trucks. Almost all of the goods and food items that pass through consumers' hands and mouths at some point nestled deep in a semitruck's cargo trailer.

Most of the men and women in the trucking industry are hardworking, dedicated drivers who struggle to meet impossible deadlines in often seriously inclement weather. But the risks they both pose and face are substantial.

Stay safe and sober while driving on Halloween

If your kids will be trick-or-treating this year in and around Elizabethtown, the Kentucky State Police want to ensure they will be safe from harm. Below are some tips to make this Halloween even safer.

Be mindful of kids while driving

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