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Why would I need a personal injury attorney?

What are your first thoughts when you hear the words personal injury attorney? To many people, those words simply equate to an attorney who accepts car accident cases. However, this is only one type of case a personal injury attorney may represent. Personal injury law actually encompasses a wide variety of situations.

First, we should define personal injury. When a party has suffered a personal injury, they have endured harm to their body, mind, or emotions due to an action, or lack thereof, by another party. In other words, someone else has been careless or reckless in some way which has caused you harm. Another term sometimes used to describe personal injury law is tort law. The American Bar Association offers clear guidelines as to the definition of personal injury, as well as the statute of limitations placed on these matters.

Motorcyclist killed in Louisville DUI crash

A crash on Broadway and 2nd occurred in the early morning hours of June 30, 2018, leaving one motorcyclist dead, and another driver charged with murder, wanton endangerment, and driving under the influence. According to one article, the driver pulled out in front of the motorcyclist, causing the crash. The motorcyclist was pronounced dead at the scene. A spokesperson for the police stated that the driver did stay at the scene.

In the state of Kentucky, a driver is considered to be drunk if their blood alcohol content level is .08% or higher. If a driver is under 21, the limit is dropped to only .02%. For a commercial driver, the legal limit is .04%.

Car crash! Your teenager is in danger! Here's how you can help

Your teenager has been involved in a car crash and they need you.

As a parent, there is nothing more terrifying than finding out your child has been in a car accident. Your first concern is for their well-being. Once you have established that they are stable, you may worry about the fall out. The following tips will help you keep your cool after your teenager is in an accident.

Damages available through a personal injury claim help victims

Knowing what damages may be available through a personal injury claim is important for victims who have suffered personal injuries such as those that might be suffered in a car, truck, motorcycle or other type of traumatic accident. A personal injury claim for damages serves as a resource to help victims obtain the help they need with the damages they have suffered.

Personal injury damages include compensation for the physical, financial and emotional harm the victim has suffered because someone else was negligent such as another driver or other party. For their physical injuries, victims may be able to recover compensation for medical expenses and future medical care costs. Additionally, pain and suffering damages may be available related to their physical injuries such as damages for disfigurement.

Spousal support basics in Kentucky

One of the biggest concerns and challenges during the divorce process can be the subject of spousal support. The spouse who is required to pay spousal support will have a keen interest in understanding the process of how spousal support is determined while the spouse who is seeking spousal support will also have a significant interest in how spousal support is awarded during divorce.

Spousal support, or spousal maintenance as it is referred to, is not automatically granted in Kentucky when a couple divorces which is why it is helpful to understand under what conditions is may be granted. If spousal support is requested, but not agreed to, the family law court will have to determine if it will be awarded and how much will be awarded and for how long.

Tips to help your teen prepare for driving

Sending your child off on the road for the first time is scary. Driving is a big responsibility and you should make sure your child is prepared.

You may not know how to get your child ready to take on the road alone. Here are a few tips that may help you and your child get ready:

Is it worth it to get a personal injury lawyer?

You might not know what to do if someone you love was injured in an accident. There are many factors at play when filing a claim and they can be hard to navigate alone.

You may have been told to hire an attorney to help you and your family through this time. However, you might not know if that is the best option. Why should you hire a lawyer when you are already talking to your insurance company?

Failed financial operation by a doctor in divorce

As an experienced doctor, he knew how to heal and help patients get well. But Dr. John Kirkpatrick’s education and experience did not extend to how to transfer assets in an IRA in divorce. While it’s no crime not to know how to make those transfers, the doctor probably felt criminally naïve for failing to speak to a family law attorney experienced in property division dispute resolution and in helping clients distribute their assets and avoid legal problems.

As it turned out, the doctor wound up paying $140,000 for failing to pay the taxes when he withdrew funds from his IRA and transferred them to his ex-wife.

Is your teen at risk of a prom-night DUI?

The final months of the school year are upon us, and for high schoolers, that means prom and graduation. Those two heady events are fraught with danger for teens whose exuberance often exceeds their restraint.

If you are the parent of a Kentucky teen who will be celebrating either or both rites-of-passage this spring, you may appreciate the following tips to help your child avoid some adolescent pitfalls.

  • Keep the communication lines open. While they might not act like it, teens do value parental guidance about some of the harder issues they encounter. Make sure that your message is crystal clear — driving drunk is never ok.
  • Provide alternatives to driving on prom and grad night. Even if your teen isn't drinking, he or she will be sharing the roads with many who will be. Arrange for a limo or party bus to drive several couples to and from the festivities.
  • Connect with other parents. While school dances and other functions are chaperoned, not all after-parties may have adults present and supervising. Make a few calls to your teenager's friends' parents to double-check that the parties will be alcohol-free and supervised.
  • Defuse peer pressure. Even the best kids can get derailed sometimes. Make sure that you point out that not every teen is making the poor choice to drink while underage and drive. Encourage teens to remain true to their convictions.

Make a report after even minor accidents

After a minor accident, some drivers may prefer to dispense with making a police report and decide to just go their separate ways. But this practice is never prudent, for several reasons.

For one, what at first appears to be an undamaged vehicle may actually not be. Even with no scraped paint or dented bumpers, your vehicle may have sustained invisible — but serious — structural damage that could prove quite costly to repair.

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