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What is spousal support and how is it determined?

Spousal support is usually a big concern during divorce because one spouse may feel they need the support and the other spouse may be reluctant to pay any support. Those concerns make understanding how spousal support is determined during the divorce process important for divorcing couples to understand.

Spousal support can be requested by either of the spouses and may also be opposed by the other spouse. Spousal support is intended to offset any unfair economic disadvantage brought about by the divorce. The family law court will consider a variety of factors when determining whether or not to award spousal support.

Criminal defense rights and protections for accused individuals

Drunk driving charges can result in a litany of potential penalties and consequences including criminal penalties and administrative consequences. That is because DUI charges in Kentucky are handled in two different ways including a criminal process an administrative process.

In addition to a potential criminal record, and the impact drunk driving charges can have on a driving record and the accuse individual's driving privileges, drunk driving charges are handled so that accused individuals may face serious legal penalties and other consequences as well which can include driver's license suspension. Criminal penalties can include jail time, the payment of a fine, alcohol counseling requirements and community service hours.

5 potentially dangerous roads in Elizabethtown, KY

A car wreck can ruin an otherwise pleasant day. If you are lucky, you only have to cope with a fender bender. Of course, because a network of freeways, roads and streets crisscross Elizabethtown, vehicles are often moving quickly. As such, you may find yourself in the middle of a devastating crash. 

Driving defensively is often your best bet for avoiding a collision. Still, you should be mindful of certain collision hotspots in the Elizabethtown area. Here are five potentially dangerous roads in Elizabethtown, Kentucky: 

Understanding breathalyzer tests and how to dispute them

Breathalyzer tests can form the basis of drunk driving charges which is why accused individuals should understand how they work and how it may be possible to challenge them. DUI charges can result in serious penalties and consequences for accused individuals so criminal defense resources are critical for accused individuals to understand.

A breathalyzer test may be used to establish that the accused individual's blood alcohol content (BAC) level was above the legal limit which may result in DUI charges. DUI charges can result in significant penalties and consequences including jail time, fines and a criminal record. These potential penalties can have a dramatic impact on the life of the accused individual, impacting their personal and professional life and may even impact their housing, education and employment opportunities.

How child support is determined in Kentucky

Child support concerns are commonly at the top of the minds of divorcing parents who may wonder what they will have to pay in child support or what they will receive in child support. Divorcing parents may wonder if they will receive enough child support or if they will be able to afford to make their child support payments.

Because of the understandable concerns around child support, it is helpful for divorcing parents to understand how child support decisions in Kentucky are made. Child support decisions in Kentucky are determined by Kentucky law. The child support formula used to calculate child support is determined by considering various factors including the income of each of the parents; the number of children being cared for; the medical expenses and health insurance costs for the child; child care expenses; any special needs the child might have; and the child custody agreement between the parents.

How your cell phone camera can help after a car accident

Car accidents can range in severity. While some people suffer a fender bender and walk away fine, others sustain serious injuries. That was the case for three girls under the age of 10 who had to seek treatment at Vanderbilt University Hospital after a head-on crash. 

No matter how hurt you are after a car crash, you need to think ahead. You need to prepare for a potential court case, and that means having evidence. Someone should have a smartphone with a camera, and that person needs to take pictures of the scene following the collision. 

What types of injuries can victims suffer in car accidents?

The nature of the injuries victims of car accidents can suffer can be catastrophic and devastating. Car accidents are the leading cause of injuries and the injuries victims of car accidents can suffer can be lasting so it is important for car accident victims to be familiar with the legal resources available to help them with the damages they have suffered.

Car accident injuries victims can suffer in car accidents include head and brain injuries such as concussions and traumatic brain injuries. Victims can also suffer neck and chest injuries, whiplash and soft tissue injuries. Other injuries that can be suffered in car accidents can include broken bones, scarring disfigurement and disabling injuries. These injuries can result in medical expenses and an inability to work while recovering to pay these expenses.

Signs you may need help with a military divorce

Before you entered the military, perhaps you had no idea of the great divide between civilian life and military life. Civilians obey traffic rules, work rules, education rules and a few other rules depending on their situation. Overall, most civilian laws are simple and seldom noticed. Military rules, on the other hand, stretch for miles, and a recruit worries daily about accidentally breaking rules he or she has never encountered.

If you wish to dissolve your marriage, you may wonder about the type of rules that apply to military divorce. It is true that military divorce is not like civilian divorce.

The child support process in Kentucky

Child support can be a challenging issue during any divorce which is what makes it helpful for divorcing parents to understand the child support process and how child support is calculated. The family law system serves as a resource to help divorcing couples determine child support which provides for the care and support of children.

Divorces can be stressful and child support can be a stressful part of a divorce which is why trained guidance and understanding the family law resources available to help can be useful. The amount of child support the non-custodial parent is required to pay in Kentucky is calculated by law. The formula that is used to calculate child support evaluates several factors when determining the child support amount that is ordered.

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