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Help for victims of truck accidents

Truck accidents can result in unexpected, catastrophic and life-changing injuries for truck accident victims and their families. Personal injury legal resources can help victims of truck accidents with the physical, financial and emotional damages, which is why it is worthwhile for victims and their families to be familiar with how a personal injury claim can help them after a truck accident.

What are the costs of brain injuries?

Brain injuries are a type of injury that commonly occurs in car accidents. Brain injuries can be costly to treat and can rob victims of the life they used to know. As a result, victims of traumatic brain injuries should know how a personal injury claim can help them with the costs associated with a brain injury.

What types of personal injury damages are available?

After a car or truck accident, victims may wonder what types of personal injury damages may be available to help them with the harm they have suffered in a traumatic accident. Knowing what types of personal injury damages may be available through a personal injury claim can be valuable when victims are wondering what they are going to do after a car accident and what options are available to help them with the harm they have suffered.

Distracted driving basics in Kentucky and why it is so dangerous

Distracted driving is dangerous and can cause serious harm on the roadways. It is important for drivers to be familiar with what distracted driving includes so they can avoid it and for victims to be familiar with what they can do to protect themselves when they have been harmed by a careless distracted driver.

Help with soft tissue injuries following a car accident

Unfortunately, a wide range of injuries may be suffered in a car accident, including soft tissue injuries that can worsen over time. As a result, it is essential for car accident victims to be familiar with the signs and symptoms of soft tissue injuries and to understand the personal injury resources available to help victims through a difficult time.

What types of injuries can victims suffer in car accidents?

The nature of the injuries victims of car accidents can suffer can be catastrophic and devastating. Car accidents are the leading cause of injuries and the injuries victims of car accidents can suffer can be lasting so it is important for car accident victims to be familiar with the legal resources available to help them with the damages they have suffered.

State’s highest court strikes down medical review panel

The Kentucky Supreme Court has struck down the law that required all medical malpractice lawsuits to first be reviewed by a medical review panel before going to court. Drafted by the Republican-led Senate and House in 2017 and supported by the Kentucky Medical Association, the premise of the bill was to avoid unnecessary or frivolous medical malpractice cases from clogging up the Circuit Courts.

Kentucky man killed in crash involving semi-truck

A 75-year-old Louisville man was killed recently in a crash on the Watterson Expressway. He was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident, and was reported to have several blunt force traumatic injuries. Though the incident is still under investigation, a preliminary report suggests that the car the man was driving was struck from behind by a semi-truck. That impact sent the car spinning uncontrollably into traffic causing it to hit yet another vehicle, then came to rest underneath the semi-truck.

Explosion causes injuries at a Lexington estate sale

According to an article published by The Post Courier, three individuals simply attending a Lexington estate sale were injured when an explosive device went off. The estate belonged to a deceased explosives hobbyist. A man who was browsing through the items lit what he thought was a cigarette lighter but turned out to be an explosive device. The blast did not cause structural damage to the home.

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