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What to do when your child goes back to school after your divorce

As the school year approaches, many Kentucky students will have a harder time going back to classes. There is the disappointment of the summer coming to an end, having harder subjects and growing one step closer towards graduation and dealing with adult problems.

There are also students going into their first school year without their parents living in the same house anymore. When the back to school anxiety combines with the stress of their parents’ separation, it can be difficult for them to focus in class. As a Kentucky parent, it is important to take these necessary steps to help your child transition into this difficult period.

Contact school staff members

It is important for your child’s teachers to be aware of your kid’s emotional situation. They need to know if there have been any behavioral changes recently or if you and your ex will have different times for picking your child up from school. The staff can offer support or recommend programs that can help your kid cope with these changes.

Communicate with the other parent

After determining the child custody rules from the proceedings, you need to work with your ex to figure out the proper schedule to see what nights your child should stay in your care. If it is a situation where the custody is nearly evenly split, it is especially important that you inform your ex of any developments, classes or extracurricular activity changes your child is going through and days where you might not make it. It may be difficult, but putting aside grudges you had during the marriage can help your child adjust to the transition better.

Be there for your child

School can be especially painful for Kentucky children with divorced parents because they have to go back to a place where multiple kids still have a happily married mother and father. You need to set aside some time and be willing to listen to your child mention any problems they are dealing with from school or the separation. Prepare them for what to expect in the school year and how to respond to others when they ask about the divorce.

Even if you are no longer with your spouse, you can still prove to your child that the separation will not put a detriment in your parental duties. If you experience any custody issues and the school year proves to be too difficult, you might need to seek professional assistance for your situation.

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