Seeking Justice For Crime Victims

If you or someone you love was a victim of a crime, you know that the suffering you've endured extends beyond physical injuries. Traumatic experiences affect every aspect of your life — emotionally, physically, financially and personally. Crime victims are left with not only the trauma and injury, but also the medical expenses, the loss of income and the cost of therapy.

The attorneys at Aldridge & Aldridge Law Firm in Elizabethtown help victims of assault, sexual assault and other intentional criminal acts recover compensation from those who harmed them as well as others who may share responsibility. Whether the person you file suit against is the perpetrator or accountable third parties like property owners or parents of minor children, someone should be held responsible for what you have gone through.

You Deserve Compensation For What You Have Survived

Civil litigation is a judicial process separate from criminal proceedings. In Kentucky civil court, it's about being held liable rather than being found guilty. The previous results of a criminal prosecution aren't relevant in civil litigation. In fact, even if there was no criminal prosecution to begin with, you can still move forward with civil litigation.

You'll never be able to undo your suffering, but the damages you receive can help you move forward.

Our Attorney Is Passionate About Victims' Rights

One of our founding attorneys, Carey Hendricks Aldridge, is a former victim advocate. As an advocate, she helped victims through the judicial process. As a victim, you are thrust into an often chaotic and confusing criminal justice system during an already traumatizing time. As a victim advocate, our lawyer helped victims navigate the process, providing guidance and support from someone knowledgeable and dedicated to representing victims' best interests.

We are passionate about helping victims, and you can trust us to advocate on your behalf throughout the civil litigation process.

We're Here When You Need Civil Justice

Please call us at 502-855-7600 or email us to discuss your situation. Our civil litigation attorney will get to know you and take the time to understand your personal story. Civil litigation cases are taken on a contingency fee basis, meaning you don't need to worry about our fees. You deserve someone on your side.